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Seamus Finnigan

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3/5/06 02:03 pm

Well, it’s all school like. Great, really.
Hexed against EVERYONE!Collapse )
I need cheering up a distraction. Any takers?

2/8/06 07:55 pm

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Private to Gryffindor 7th year boys.Collapse )
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Greeting to Hogwarts students. Hope this finds you well. The Irish boy lives on, just as neglectful as always.

11/1/05 09:07 am

I’m an unfit bastard, I really am. I’m going to run, I swear. But right now, I have work pinning me down!

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10/4/05 10:13 am

Have I mentioned I hate school and Michael Corner? Because I really do, it’s getting harder and more and worse and… Maybe when I fail I can go and be a guineapig for the twins to test on. I really don’t have a future apart from that, the only thing I’m even passing is Care Of Magical Creatures, I swear that’s it.

I was thinking of trying out for Chaser on the Quidditch team… I doubt I would get on, but I have nothing to loose, so I should at least try. Plus I’m becoming an unfit bastard, I think I’ll go for a run later, drop some of the stress and stretch my legs, anyone want to join me?

9/12/05 04:45 pm

Bleh, I never knew 7th year was going to be like this! If I had, I would have stayed home, but mum would have killed me, still it’s so hard!

They expect me to be a total brain, but I’m just not! Oh well…

Private to Megan.Collapse )

School hates me, I hate school, we have an understanding!

7/26/05 10:03 pm

Er, yes… Holidays! Caught up with everyone, in Weasley Wizard Weezers, actually! It was good to see some old faces, along with some I’ve never got to meet before! A couple of Hufflepuffs, who really were as charming as their reputation!

So yer, me holidays haven’t been exactly full of activity, mainly fixing things, as I said last entry. Haven’t hardly seen anyone from my year, Dean, ya lazy bugger, how bout getting out from behind that sketch book and sendin’ your best mate an owl! Lazy good for nothin’!

On a lighter note, where is everyone? Lav? Haven’t heard from ye in ages miss you… Lots.

So yer, send me owls, come and visit, don’t mind, just help me to not spend another day with mum and Da!

Private to Dean.Collapse )

If I didn’t make myself clear enough, come and visit me, I’m lonely! Only kidding! I just need savin’ little brothers are hard work! Any one interested in purchasing an irritating, infuriating, vandalising and totally useless muggle five year old?

7/4/05 11:13 am

I think I owe ya all a whole world of apologies! I lost me journal, it just fell of the face of the earth! But I just found it, right in the bottom of my trunk. I just spent the day reading up on what people are feeling, it’s a damn shame.

I hope you all know I’m sorry for yer losses, yer I’m just… Sorry.

It’s good to be home, Mum has me working so hard, ye know? Wants the house all in tip top shape, everythin fixed up. It’s all cause Da doesn’t get up out of is chair, init! But yeah, I would love to get out of the house if anyone is interested on going out somewhere!

Private to Lav.Collapse )

Hope you’re having a great hols!

6/8/05 07:30 pm

Hexed against any bloody snakes aka Slytherins!:
I found this bloody thing once more, not that I've been up to anything else really.
My exams... Well they are as bad as I thought, maybe Fred and George will employ me when I fail. That would be good I reckon, workin for money not bloody slaving for nothing. I feel like such a failure sometimes...

Enough self pity, on to studying, or pretending to!
/End Hexed.

Private to Parvati.Collapse )

5/23/05 04:39 pm

I'm such a terrible student when it comes to WORK! Me teachers are about to kill me!

Priavte to Parvati:
Oh yes, well ummmm Parvati will you help me with a problem I have? Oh blast

I had a class today and I though me teacher was going to loose her head at me! Lav, maybe you can help me with me work? Because without your help I may just fail! I would really love it if you would!
Anyway, I really have to get cracking on my essay, this is my last chance to get up and move!

5/19/05 10:11 pm

Private to self:
Seamus, you royal stupid bloody nutter! Get it through your thick head, this is LAVENDER! Lavender BROWN! You know, the nice one, the one TOTALY out of your league. Seamus stop being a prat.
/Private to self.

What's all this talk 'bout house elves? Seems quite absurd really, they make me food and keep me room clean, handy creatures. I think just let 'em alone with the work that makes 'em happy!
Be, yeah, that’s me 5 Knuts. This studying, really, it's like we've all forgotten fun! We're Gryffindors! Get out there and stir up some mischief fun!

Private to Lavender:
I was wondering if you would like too. Ummmm, no... I would really like it if you would... Would you like too? Damn Seamus, you're a twit. Lav, we've been friends for ages and I would like it if you would.... Seamus you great prat! Go to bed...
/Private to Lavender.
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