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Private to self:
Seamus, you royal stupid bloody nutter! Get it through your thick head, this is LAVENDER! Lavender BROWN! You know, the nice one, the one TOTALY out of your league. Seamus stop being a prat.
/Private to self.

What's all this talk 'bout house elves? Seems quite absurd really, they make me food and keep me room clean, handy creatures. I think just let 'em alone with the work that makes 'em happy!
Be, yeah, that’s me 5 Knuts. This studying, really, it's like we've all forgotten fun! We're Gryffindors! Get out there and stir up some mischief fun!

Private to Lavender:
I was wondering if you would like too. Ummmm, no... I would really like it if you would... Would you like too? Damn Seamus, you're a twit. Lav, we've been friends for ages and I would like it if you would.... Seamus you great prat! Go to bed...
/Private to Lavender.
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