Seamus Finnigan (gryffinnigan) wrote,
Seamus Finnigan

Er, yes… Holidays! Caught up with everyone, in Weasley Wizard Weezers, actually! It was good to see some old faces, along with some I’ve never got to meet before! A couple of Hufflepuffs, who really were as charming as their reputation!

So yer, me holidays haven’t been exactly full of activity, mainly fixing things, as I said last entry. Haven’t hardly seen anyone from my year, Dean, ya lazy bugger, how bout getting out from behind that sketch book and sendin’ your best mate an owl! Lazy good for nothin’!

On a lighter note, where is everyone? Lav? Haven’t heard from ye in ages miss you… Lots.

So yer, send me owls, come and visit, don’t mind, just help me to not spend another day with mum and Da!

Yeah, like I was sayin’, where ya been? Neglecting yer best mate duties! Ye better have done a lot of pretty pictures to make up for it.
Let’s get out soon, cooped up thinkin’ about Lavender Brown is not a pastime, I just decided!
Stop being lazy an owl me, ya lousy ingrate!

If I didn’t make myself clear enough, come and visit me, I’m lonely! Only kidding! I just need savin’ little brothers are hard work! Any one interested in purchasing an irritating, infuriating, vandalising and totally useless muggle five year old?
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