Seamus Finnigan (gryffinnigan) wrote,
Seamus Finnigan

Bleh, I never knew 7th year was going to be like this! If I had, I would have stayed home, but mum would have killed me, still it’s so hard!

They expect me to be a total brain, but I’m just not! Oh well…

Hey Meg,
Lets get together soon, school is easier with you around…

School hates me, I hate school, we have an understanding!
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Yes. I've missed you LOTS.

Tomorrow night?
I will not mock you for being in 7th year.

Sounds like a good understanding, Seamus.
Calm down Finnigan, you start panicking now the school's gonna eat you alive. Relax and think about the finer things in life: wine, women, and Quidditch. Now that's a winning mantra for getting through your last year. If you just take things in stride everything'll fall nicely into place, or you'll fail all your NEWTs and be stuck arranging quills for the rest of your life at Flourish and Blotts. No pressure.