Seamus Finnigan (gryffinnigan) wrote,
Seamus Finnigan

Private to self:
She broke up with me… After all this time, all this hard stuff, it’s over. I tried so hard, just so hard and it wasn’t enough. My brother’s moving away with my dad, I’m loosing half my family… But that’s no reason to cut her out of my life… She’s important to me and I can use a friend like her, I don’t want to loose all of her… I saw her in the great hall with Michael, how could I have been so stupid
/End Private.

Private to The Boys:
Well, I could use the comfort of my mates right now.

Girls are damn useless. How about we get all the boys together, have a nice big DRINK!
/End Private.

Private to Megan:
Megan, do you still want to be friends?
/End Private,

Greeting to Hogwarts students. Hope this finds you well. The Irish boy lives on, just as neglectful as always.
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