Seamus Finnigan (gryffinnigan) wrote,
Seamus Finnigan

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I think I owe ya all a whole world of apologies! I lost me journal, it just fell of the face of the earth! But I just found it, right in the bottom of my trunk. I just spent the day reading up on what people are feeling, it’s a damn shame.

I hope you all know I’m sorry for yer losses, yer I’m just… Sorry.

It’s good to be home, Mum has me working so hard, ye know? Wants the house all in tip top shape, everythin fixed up. It’s all cause Da doesn’t get up out of is chair, init! But yeah, I would love to get out of the house if anyone is interested on going out somewhere!

I’m so glad you’re ok, I was worried for a while there!

Would you like to get together I miss you…. and hang out of something?

Hope you’re having a great hols!
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