Seamus Finnigan (gryffinnigan) wrote,
Seamus Finnigan

I’m an unfit bastard, I really am. I’m going to run, I swear. But right now, I have work pinning me down!

I wish I’d studied earlier, so now it wasn’t so much in such a short amount of time. I can’t see you as much as I like, but I still want to see you and soon!
Would you like to get together sometime soon?

You're at the school again, you know stuff about women. How do I make her feel special, even when where at school!
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Well for one bloody thing, take her to the halloween ball in a nice costume. Have her dance, drink some punch, chat up some friends. Then when the night begins to set in and the candles start to fade, take her someplace special, someplace you know will warm all the little bits of her heart. Don't expect anything physical, if she wants to then fine, but after the dance it's all sweet-talking and cuddling. Now, considering I hardly know anything about this girl, that's the best I can do on such short notice. Stop by my office sometime and I'll give you a brief biology lesson that'll be sure to keep her feeling special.
Of course. Just tell me when and where.
Well, if you wanted to, maybe you could meet at the ball? Only if you want to!

I've been taking dancing lessons... DANCING!