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Seamus Finnigan

Recent Entries

5/17/05 10:02 pm

I found this darned thing!

Studying, really, such a waste of me time! I almost want to just rush out, ye know? Do a Fred and George, get outa this place. But then, there are people who do keep me here, the ones that mean something. I just feel like all the effort we all go too, it’s in vain, that we may all just be stuck failing when the end comes!
But ye, enough of me bitching and complaining! The Slytherins, they have me worried, Hufflepuffs are even walkin in pairs, wouldn’t want to be crossing an angry Snake, without a mate at me side! Well to all the people who are reading, all the people who keep up with me meaningless drivel, I thank you. Night all!

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